Hypixel Dungeon (2024)

1. Dungeon - Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki

  • Catacombs · Dungeon Hub · Mort

  • Dungeons are a series of randomly generated rooms that contain monsters and rewards that scale as you make progress.

Dungeon - Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki

2. Dungeons - Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki - Fandom

Dungeons - Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki - Fandom

3. Dungeoneering - Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki - Fandom

  • Dungeoneering is one of the Skills available for players to level up. It was the main skill brought forth in the Dungeons update.

  •  Dungeoneering is one of the Skills available for players to level up. It was the main skill brought forth in the Dungeons update. The skill has several sub-skills in it: one for each dungeon class (Healer, Mage, Berserker, Archer, and Tank) and one for each dungeon, with currently only one being revealed (The Catacombs). Players can access each class, access the Dungeons sub-menu, and check how much Essence they currently have by clicking on the Dungeoneering skill. Accessing classes can be don

Dungeoneering - Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki - Fandom

4. Catacombs - Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki

  • Dungeon Hub · Catacombs Floor I · Catacombs Floor VII · Catacombs Floor V

  • The Catacombs are the only type of Dungeon in SkyBlock. They can be accessed by speaking to Mort in the Dungeon Hub or Catacombs Entrance, or by calling Mort with an Abiphone.

Catacombs - Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki

5. Dungeoneering - Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki

  • Dungeoneering XP can be earned by participating in or completing Dungeon runs. ... Dungeoneering XP for the specific type of Dungeon that you are playing in.

  • Dungeoneering is a set of Skills related to Dungeons and the Catacombs.

Dungeoneering - Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki

6. Dungeon Hub - Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki

  • The Dungeon Hub is a place where players can access Dungeons and shop for dungeon gear.

Dungeon Hub - Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki

7. Classes - Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki

  • There are five Catacombs classes: Healer, Mage, Berserk, Archer, and Tank. Each class has its own class passives, dungeon orb abilities, and ghost abilities.

  • Classes are different roles with different abilities that can be selected at the beginning of Dungeons.

Classes - Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki

8. Hypixel Skyblock Dungeons - Collaboration - Microsoft MakeCode

  • 26 sep 2023 · People of the forums, I need your help… recently, I had an idea to make the ultimate dungeon game(based off of Hypixel Skyblock) whoever ...

  • People of the forums, I need your help… recently, I had an idea to make the ultimate dungeon game(based off of Hypixel Skyblock) whoever doesn’t know what Hypixel Skyblock is, here’s a simplified version: Hypixel Skyblock is a game where players start on a Private Island with almost nothing and quickly start collecting resources, expanding their island, fighting monsters, creating farms, and much more! II want to use info from this game to make the ULTIMATE dungeon game! Who’s in? (Btw I w...

Hypixel Skyblock Dungeons - Collaboration - Microsoft MakeCode
Hypixel Dungeon (2024)


What is the score for the dungeons in Hypixel? ›

Guide Dungeon Score Guide for Beginners
300 or moreS+Bedrock (Floor 5 and Above)
230 - 269AEmerald
160 - 229B
2 more rows
Jan 19, 2024

How do you get dungeon keys on Hypixel? ›

Dungeon Chest Keys can be found from secrets on Floor 4 of The Catacombs and above. The drop chance is 0.6%.

What are the requirements to do dungeons in Hypixel skyblock? ›

  • Dungeons are available at Combat XV, but for this tutorial you will need Combat XVIII.
  • This tutorial is for The Catacombs - Entrance.
  • For this tutorial, you should use the Berserk class as it is generally a good class for your very first dungeon run, and good swords are cheaper at this point.

Does killing fairies lower dungeon score? ›

When dungeons first came out, many players didn't understand Special Score and have deduced that killing fairies reduces it. This has however proven to be false, special score is tied to the amount of destroyed Crypts and later if Mimic has been killed. Two Fairies will spawn in the stands during the Thorn boss fight.

What score is S+? ›

RankingScore Needed
2 more rows
Jul 7, 2020

Can you solo level 80 dungeons? ›

Dungeons from Heavensward (levels 51 to 60) can be reliably taken on solo from level 80. A level 80 healer or tank can reliably solo most trials from A Realm Reborn and Heavensward, including many Extreme ones.

Are dungeons easy to solo? ›

Dungeons are sort of like mini-raids, with mechanics and encounters, but much less demanding than actual six-man raids. This is why it's possible to also solo them, though it requires tremendous preparation and skill from the player.

Can you solo normal dungeons? ›

Most normal dungeons are entirely soloable, unless there are mechanics that prevent you. Just make sure your build has lots of healing going on. Learn to stay alive first, then worry about your damage. But a lot of builds have the two combined...you heal when you do damage.

How to get kismet feathers? ›

The Kismet Feather is obtained by purchasing it from Elizabeth NPC from the Community Center for 1,350 Bits.

How to get suspicious scrap SkyBlock? ›

Suspicious Scrap has a base 0.1% (1 in 200 rolls) chance of dropping when mining non-vanilla Ores while inside ⏣ Glacite Mineshafts. There are 3 possible buffs that increase the Suspicious Scrap chance, all of which are multiplicative.

How do I get to Mort SkyBlock? ›

Mort is an NPC found in the Dungeon Hub and Hub, who allows players to enter the Catacombs. They also allow players to access the party finder. If you give them Saul's Recommendation, they allow you to enter the Catacombs solo, instead of with the otherwise required 2-5 players in a party.

What does S+ do in Dungeons? ›

Starting Floor 5, obtaining an S+ rank will unlock the Bedrock chest, that can contain extremely strong items.

How rare is the dragon shortbow? ›

Dragon ShortbowEPIC
Machine Gun ShortbowRARE, EPIC
Juju ShortbowEPIC
Spirit ShortbowLEGENDARY
3 more rows

What is the gear score in skyblock dungeons? ›

Some stats of dungeon armor and weapons are randomized, so the admins implemented a "gear score" system, which gives each gear a score based on how high their Catacombs Level, to give players an easier experience when comparing two identical items with different stats.

How long does it take to 100 Minecraft Dungeons? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Minecraft Dungeons is about 5½ Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 32 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

What is the PG rating for Minecraft Dungeons? ›

Minecraft Dungeons is rated by PEGI at 7 and above, and by the ESRB at Everybody 10+.


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