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Address: 3851 SW Green Oaks Blvd # 119, Arlington, TX 76017

Phone: (817) 561-7199


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Paula Morales

The absolute best nail place in town. The owners Henry and Vanna are awesome. They are so accommodating and sweet. They do such a great job. Their skill level amazes me. My sister and I had our nails done for my son’s marine graduation. Pics show just how beautiful our nails turned out.

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June Beaudoin Sinclair

I’ve been coming here about 4 years, based on recommendations from friends. The owner couple, Van and Henry are highly experienced in all types of nail work/art. The ladies that give pedicures are very good. It’s good to see their business picking up some since the pandemic. In general, the shop is clean and tidy. However, I do wish they would be a little more diligent about disinfecting their tables after each client. Like everyone, I’ve been there when my tech has had an off day and I’m a little disappointed in my service. But overall, it’s a good shop and I’ll keep going back.

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Erin Gholson

I got my nails for the first time here, I normally get pedi . I’ve never paid $50 for dip nails, never more then $40, but I guess that was my fault for not checking. She cut me up in so many places. I told them with the manager standing there how I had several cuts and no apologies or discount, nothing. He just proceeded with my change.

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Ptah “Makto” Baphomet

Positive:Cleanliness,QualityGentlemen, I get pedicures here and they are easy on the toes generally. The massage chairs are awesome as well and I would recommend you take the time and do yourself a favor. Enjoy an hour to yourself or with the missus. I take the missus cause I am half deaf but still worth the time spentService:Pedicure

Gentlemen, I get pedicures here and they are easy on the toes generally. The massage chairs are awesome as well and I would recommend you take the time and do yourself a favor. Enjoy an hour to yourself or with the missus. I take the missus cause I am half deaf but still worth the time spentPedicure

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N Johnston

First time here and we got pedicures. The people are VERY nice here. They offer water, soda, red & white wine. The have massage chairs, which is kinda the norm now. My nails looked great, the price is worth the service. It’s very clean. I messed up one of my nails and there was no hesitation to fix it for me. We will be back.

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Amber Greenwood

I have been going here for years and have used a wide variety of their services. I’ve always had a pretty good experience nothing extraordinary but you get what you pay for. BUT the last time I went was bad! I got a new tech that I’ve never seen before. She was rough with my fingers cranking them around so she could work with them. She cut my pinky and my ring finger with the spinning grinder, she then put what I think was alcohol on the cuts and it hurt very badly, she seemed like she didn’t know what she was doing so she clear coated a nail that had just been grinded, she also started doing dip when I asked for regular acrylic and then convinced me that I wanted dip.(I trusted her judgement at the time) it also took her an hour and a half to do dip which seems like a little too long to me? And when she waxed my lip

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TeeJai BossDoll

Van and her staff are great like family we love it here definitely coming back every time needed thank you so much!!

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Man said a pedicure was $20. Woman put my feet in the soak then announced the $20 price doesn’t include a foot scrub so it would be $30. I’ve never heard of a pedicure without a foot scrub included. I told her not to cut my fingernails. While working on my cuticles, she started cutting my nails so I had to let her finish to make them even again. She was also too aggressive with the cuticle trimming and gave me hangnails. This was my first and last visit.

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Frankie Hernandez

I get my eyebrows done here religiously and they are very sweet. Sometimes I feel like I get a few odd looks because I’m a guy but they do my eyebrows very nicely and they aren’t feminine looking at all. Only $8 too!! Even if they are busy, I’m in and out in under 15 each time!

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Tonia Toni Roddy

My hubby, son and I use to go to this shop. But service became unconfortable. I had appointments with a certain staff member who began to treat me differently. I came here once when she was off and got a pedicure by someone else and it became an issue. When I came back for another appointment with her I was then introduced to a new young lady who did a wonderful job but then when I came back to make an appointment with her I got someone else as it seemed as if she too could not give me service. It was as if these two operators chose not to do me any more. It felt a bit prejudice. Whixh was strangevas many different races come her for services. I tip very well, I am always thankful for the great job that was given to me and Im friendly. However now with the uncomfortable feeling I have chosen to somewhere else and it a waaaasyyyyyy better and more professional nail salon.

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J C Nails - Arlington, TX 76017 - Services and Reviews (2024)


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