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Married at First Sight NovelChapter 30 – “What’s the matter, Mr. York?”

Serenity’s voice was heard from the balcony. Chewing on the wrap, Zachary made his way to the balcony.” Your sister’s thing is nothing to worry about. The car in question happens to belong to one of our important clients. It dawned on me last night, so I gave Mr. Lewis a call.

He said the repairs cost about ten thousand dollars.” Although she appeared rather lively dabbling the plants, Zachary could tell that she was not at her best, likely due to a lack of sleep last night.

The matter with her sister was the cause of trouble in slumberland. Serenity lifted her chin and observed him munching on the wrap.

While thinking to herself that Zachary was easy to appease in the food department, Serenity asked, “How can you be sure it’s the car of your company’s client?” Her sister was clueless about the car owner’s name.

All she knew was that he was big, strong, and had an intimidating scar on his face. Sonny was scared stiff of the man. “I attended to Mr. Lewis when he came to our office yesterday morning.

I noticed there was a scratch on his car, so I asked him about it. Mr. Lewis told me that a woman with a baby knocked a stroller onto his car. “I was thinking if it could be a coincidence when you talked about it last night,

so I called Mr. Lewis. Is your sister called dit i n den lets number He said he’ll send WH sister the follane hools he hands on the repair cost It’s We setting u p Serenity stood upright and uttered,

“That’s 1993 siste me that’s quite a coincidence Mi York, did Mr. lewis really say the repairs would be approximately ten Her sister could manage ten thousand bucks.

“I asked him, and that was what he said.” Serenity heaved a sigh of relief. “That’s great. Thank you, Mr. York.” The sisters’ biggest worry was the cost of the damage.

Now that Serenity found out that it was only going to set them back by ten thousand dollars, the sun over the horizon seemed awfully bright.
At the same time, Serenity realized that they might be strangers before, but postnuptial, Zachary had her back whenever she sought help from him.

Zachary was a capable man. He was like a shoulder she could lean on. “You’re welcome.” With relief spreading across her face, it put Zachary in a good mood too.

“Ring, ring, ring…” Serenity’s phone rang. She picked up the call. It was from her sister. “Liberty, I was just about to call you. I told my husband about vour incident. By a stroke of luck, the car owner turns out to be one of Zachary’s clients.

Zachary asked about the repairs, and it should come to around ten thousand bucks. Can you afford that?” Serenity barely slept a wink over the matter. As the party involved, Liberty must have had a rougher night.

The compensation would not have been a concern in the past when she was earning a high wage. Nevertheless, she was now a full-time housewife
without a source of income. Her husband blamed her for getting into trouble and sulkily announced that Liberty was on her own.

Of course, Liberty had a harder time fretting over it than Serenity. “I can manage if it’s around ten thousand bucks. I saved half of the allowance
you gave me without telling my husband. It should be enough to cover the repair cost.

“Oh, I actually called you to talk about this. The owner of the car sent me a text message at two o’clock in the morning. He gave me an account number
to wire nine thousand bucks into. I saw the message when I got up.

I wanted to tell you this, so you don’t have to worry about it. “Now it seems Mr. Lewis is not expecting me to pay the whole thing.” Liberty only had to foot nine thousand dollars out of a bill that could have cost over ten thousand dollars.

Mr. Lewis probably asked for less on account of her new brother-in-law. So far, Zachary scored a brownie point in Liberty’s books. Since the unfortunate incident, all her husband did was call her a troublemaker and say it was her problem to solve.

They were already splitting the household expenses, so he left the bill to Liberty to figure it out on her own.

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Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 30 - NovelKoo (2024)


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