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Since the day Serenity got hitched to a stranger on their blind date, she had assumed married life would be ordinary but respectful and mundane. It never crossed her mind that her new husband would be clingy like a piece of gum stuck to the bottom of a shoe. To her utmost surprise, he could make her troubles disappear whenever she was in a fix. Despite her questioning, her husband would always pass it off as luck. Until one day, she watched an interview with a local billionaire known for fussing over his wife. That was when she noticed the uncanny resemblance of the billionaire to her husband. The wife whom he was showering attention on turned out to be her!

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  • Married at First SightChapter 3326Ever since Serenity got pregnant, Zachary had the urge to be with his wife 24/7.It was Serenity who stopped him from clinging to her.She had work to do.Since Serenity was working while pregnant, Zachary had no excuse to skip work. He had to earn money to spend on the baby.Sonny said it was a boy.If that were true, then Zachary would have to earn more money for his son to be able to own a house and a car in the future. Zachary did not lack money. In fact, he could confidently say that the one thing he had the most was money.Of course, no one would say no to more money. The amount he earned was enough to last his son for a lifetime.The money could be inherited by Zachary’s grandchildren and future generations to come. He hoped the York family would still hold its position as the wealthiest family in Wiltspoon for a long time.“Is Alex going to work next year?”Serenity had always felt that Alex was still very young.“He looks like a high schooler. His baby face makes h
  • Married at First SightChapter 3325“We should return to Wildridge Manor and inform Nana of this, Seren. She probably wishes to meet the masters.”They were born in the same generation. Grandma May was already a notable figure in Wiltspoon back then. Those grand masters probably knew her as well. Upon recalling that Serenity had woken up early, Zachary changed his mind. He said, “You can go back and rest. I’ll go to the manor. If Nana wants to come, I’ll drive her over.”Serenity replied, “I’m not tired. I’ll go with you.“We haven’t gone back for some time anyway. We can stay there with Sonny for the weekend. We should also tell them that I’ll be taking him to Annenburg when winter break starts next week.”Zachary asked worriedly, “Will it be exhausting for you? Get some rest if you feel tired. Don’t overdo it.”Serenity straightened her back and patted her bump. “The baby isn’t that big yet. I won’t get tired that easily.”“Don’t pat your bump. The baby might’ve woken up from his sleep because of that.”Za
  • Married at First SightChapter 3324Audrey agreed. “You can come over with Sonny after picking him up.”After a pause, she added, “Doc said Uncle True’s days are limited. We should let him meet Sonny.”Everyone exchanged glances with each other. Serenity asked, “What illness does he have?”“It might have been a side effect from his past injury. The elderly usually fall sick easily. Uncle True is very old.”Audrey sighed and stopped talking. The legendary doctor had even told them to be mentally prepared. “I’ll come over in the evening after picking Sonny up.”Serenity understood that Patrick was of advanced age. At this age, they usually passed away once their wishes were fulfilled.“Should I ask Liberty to come back?”“Not yet. Uncle True hasn’t given us the evidence. I don’t think anything will happen for now. I’ll invite him to stay here the next time he comes. We’ll take care of him until he leaves us.”Patrick was not married or bore any children. He viewed Audrey and Lisa as his own. Audrey felt
  • Married at First SightChapter 3323Audrey was shocked. “Is there no way to let Uncle True live a few years more, Doc?”Doc replied, “Lilian and I have used all our best medicine on him. We’ve done our best. Patrick could only live this long because of his firm conviction and having us maintain his health.“Although your mom’s not avenged, he’s relieved to see you all doing well and having some influence. He thinks he can leave the revenge to you all and finally reunite with his master in heaven.“Since his conviction is gone, he won’t be able to live for much longer. Besides, he’s almost a hundred years old. Even if he leaves one day, you’ll have to accept it.”How many centenarians are there in this world anyway?Audrey looked toward Patrick’s room worriedly. Doc knew that she feared Patrick would pass away in his sleep. He reassured her by saying, “He’ll hang on as he hasn’t passed the evidence to you. He’s been hiding it himself. We’ve never asked him about it or seen it.”To be honest, Patrick had never tr
  • Married at First SightChapter 3322The York men were the same as the men in his son-in-law’s family. No wonder the Yorks and the Johnsons had a good relationship. “Doc.”Zachary greeted the legendary doctor politely as well. Doc nodded back. Next, he introduced his friends to Zachary and Serenity. Then, he pointed at Patrick and told Serenity, “Patrick is the person you all have been looking for, Mrs. York. Your aunt calls him Uncle True.”“Please call me Serenity, Doc.”She looked toward Patrick and said, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Patrick.”Patrick and Serenity had never met each other, so they did not share the same excitement as Audrey. Patrick nodded with a smile and said, “You must be Serenity.”Audrey was right. Serenity did not take after Lisa. They might have looked slightly alike at first glance, but one could tell they did not look similar upon a closer look. It seemed like Serenity had inherited her features from the Hunt family. “I’m Serenity. My sister, Liberty, is currently in Je
  • Married at First SightChapter 3321“Lisa’s eldest daughter went to Jensburg, Uncle True. She’s growing her business there. You won’t be able to see her for now,” said Audrey gently. She knew why Patrick was staring at Elisa. He was probably worried that none of Tiara’s descendants could become the matriarch of the Fisher family. Patrick was loyal. He thought the Fisher family belonged to Tiara’s bloodline. Although Belinda had been the matriarch for over forty years, he had never acknowledged her. On the other hand, Belinda did not want Patrick alive. She had always felt a sense of wrongness being the matriarch as long as he was alive. The curtain fell only with Patrick and her sisters dead. It would also be a boost of confidence. “Seren is on her way here. You’ll be able to see her soon.“Seren takes after her dad, while Liberty takes after Lisa. Liberty’s son looks like a mini Lisa. If Sonny wears a dress and has pigtails, he’ll look exactly like her.”Audrey was unable to find Liberty and Serenity bec
  • Married at First SightChapter 3320Before Lisa’s grave, Audrey cried her heart out, but nothing she could do would revive her sister. All she could do was shower an abundance of love on her two nieces. After the sisters’ miserable childhood and subsequent separation, as well as learning the truth behind her family’s deaths, Audrey hated Belinda with her whole being.Patrick said with resentment, “One should not do something they don’t want others to know about. She will pay for what she did.”“That’s right, Uncle True. She’ll pay for what she did.”“It’s just that I’m useless. I don’t have a lot of proof. All I have is this bit of evidence and it’s not going to be enough to prove she did it, also because anyone who could be a witness is already dead,” Patrick said, blaming himself so much that he started crying again.Audrey said coldly, “I don’t care if there’s no proof. I will take back control of the Fisher family. I might not become the matriarch myself, but I can make my niece one. No matter how much she does o
  • Married at First SightChapter 3319Last year, Patrick was at death's door again. He did his best to calm himself. He nodded at his friends before saying to Audrey, “Missy Drey, I’ll do my best to stay alive until you guys have avenged Ms. Tiara and punished Ms. Belinda. I wouldn’t be able to rest in peace otherwise. I’m useless. It’s been so many years, but I still wasn’t able to avenge Ms. Tiara or find you and your sister.”If he had managed to find news of Audrey and Lisa earlier, Lisa might not have died young. He had failed to protect Tiara and even her two daughters. He felt guilty toward Tiara. Having undergone special training before going to Tiara’s side and doing many things for her, he had failed to carry out the last two most important duties. He was too ashamed to meet Tiara in the afterlife.The camp where he was trained immediately arranged for a new assistant for Belinda when she succeeded the matriarchy after Tiara’s death, who then took over the network he used before. The network he built himself, h
  • Married at First SightChapter 3318Audrey called Patrick “Uncle True”, so her sister Lisa followed suit. They were the only ones who called him that, and every time, he would respond with a smile. In Audrey’s blurry memories, her parents and Uncle True were always very busy and her mother was not in good health, so she often delegated to Belinda.Now that Audrey thought about it, it was likely Belinda’s desire to seize power arose from Tiara’s bad health and constant need for Belinda’s help in managing the company and family matters. Belinda must have felt indignant that despite doing so much for them, everyone was still in favor of Tiara, so Belinda wanted to take Tiara’s place, thinking that only by becoming the matriarch would everyone favor her completely.When Audrey called Patrick “Uncle True”, he responded with a tearful exclamation. Neither had a strong impression of the other anymore, but Audrey had taken very good care of herself and looked like both her parents. When Patrick looked at her, he felt like he c
  • Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei - A Review of Billionaire: Love Against All Odds
  • Casada a Primera Vista: La historia de amor romántica entre Serenity y el millonario Zachary

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Married at First Sight is a sweet and funny romantic comedy about a wife and her doting husband. Serenity surprisingly got hitched by a stranger during a blind date. Her husband is overly affectionate to the point of obsession. He is like a prince who comes to her rescue on numerous occasions. And much to her surprise, seeing on television, she found out the truth. No wonder she lives like a princess. Her husband is an authentic billionaire. Is this someone's idea of a joke?

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Married at First Sight PDF & Novel Online by Gu Lingfei to Read for Free - Billionaire Stories -GoodNovel (18)

Kaireen Hara

Chat me in ffaceebook

2024-07-09 20:39:49

Married at First Sight PDF & Novel Online by Gu Lingfei to Read for Free - Billionaire Stories -GoodNovel (20)

Betty Lamb

I think that you should put some closure to a couple of the existing characters. Example Liberty and Duncan. What’s going on with Kevin or Julian and their relationships

2024-07-08 04:07:26


Married at First Sight PDF & Novel Online by Gu Lingfei to Read for Free - Billionaire Stories -GoodNovel (21)


I wish you would drop more chapters. It’s really getting good. I want to see Belinda get justified served to her and hurry up with Duncan and Liberty’s wedding, lol.

2024-07-07 00:03:40


Married at First Sight PDF & Novel Online by Gu Lingfei to Read for Free - Billionaire Stories -GoodNovel (22)


The most captivating story I’ve ever read.Thank you for your expertise.I’ll continue to read this story to the end.Looking for other stories you have published as well.

2024-07-06 01:06:53


Married at First Sight PDF & Novel Online by Gu Lingfei to Read for Free - Billionaire Stories -GoodNovel (23)

Susan Hodgkins

This book is interesting with a variety of characters, settings and plot twists. I am enjoying reading it. Sometimes pronouns are inaccurate or the wrong game used which is distracting and annoying.

2024-07-05 01:57:56

Married at First Sight PDF & Novel Online by Gu Lingfei to Read for Free - Billionaire Stories -GoodNovel (24)

Natalie Roberts

great story. I just wish more was available to read ...

2024-07-03 03:42:18

Married at First Sight PDF & Novel Online by Gu Lingfei to Read for Free - Billionaire Stories -GoodNovel (25)


Love this book

2024-07-02 23:04:47

Married at First Sight PDF & Novel Online by Gu Lingfei to Read for Free - Billionaire Stories -GoodNovel (26)


I have read this book from the beginning, and it amazing.

2024-07-01 06:16:10


Married at First Sight PDF & Novel Online by Gu Lingfei to Read for Free - Billionaire Stories -GoodNovel (27)

Emily Regente

Why sobrang iksi ng bawat chapter wala na po akong pang top up

2024-06-30 19:31:30

Married at First Sight PDF & Novel Online by Gu Lingfei to Read for Free - Billionaire Stories -GoodNovel (28)

Mary Jane Chinyere

please how do I vote?

2024-06-30 15:28:58

Married at First Sight PDF & Novel Online by Gu Lingfei to Read for Free - Billionaire Stories -GoodNovel (29)

Mary Jane Chinyere

my favorite

2024-06-30 15:28:31

Married at First Sight PDF & Novel Online by Gu Lingfei to Read for Free - Billionaire Stories -GoodNovel (30)

Arien Ann Pepito

It teach us lesson about life and marriage, betrayal and loyalty. I really love Serenity, Zachary and Nana's character.

2024-06-28 11:02:40

Married at First Sight PDF & Novel Online by Gu Lingfei to Read for Free - Billionaire Stories -GoodNovel (31)


I love it … but how can I unlock the chapters

2024-06-26 19:55:33

Married at First Sight PDF & Novel Online by Gu Lingfei to Read for Free - Billionaire Stories -GoodNovel (32)

Abhi Raj

A very nice Female oriented drama with a dedicated husband and family. It's really a very awesome book I recommend to the romantic book lovers...

2024-06-26 14:17:59


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