Married at First Sight (Serenity and Zachary) novel read online free Chapter 3408 (2024)

Mrs. Lewis said, “I heard from Duncan that he and Liberty plan to get their marriage certificate after the New Year and hold the wedding when Liberty is a little freer. Recently, his father and I have been preparing the betrothal gifts for Liberty, and we are also picking a date.”

The betrothal gift could only be sent when Liberty was free and had returned to Wiltspoon on a good day.

Liberty was so busy that she even left Sonny to Serenity to help take care of him. She had not returned to Wiltspoon since she went to Jensburg. It was always Duncan who brought Sonny to Jensburg to see her.

Of course, they wouldn’t have a wedding too soon.

Mrs. Lewis added, “Liberty still wants to not hold a wedding, saying that she is getting married for the second time and it doesn’t matter whether the wedding is held or not. That won’t work. We can’t let Liberty down. Not only must we hold a wedding, but we must give Liberty a grand wedding.”

Mrs. Lewis didn’t want to let Liberty down, nor did she want to let Duncan down.

Of the four sons, the first three had grand weddings and banquets when they got married, spending a lot of money. It was the youngest son’s turn, and he was the only unmarried child. Even if Duncan agreed not to hold a wedding, she, as a mother, could not agree, and no one in the Lewis family would agree.

Of course, Duncan was not willing to just get the marriage certificate and insisted on holding the wedding. He wanted everyone to know that Liberty was happy.

It also let the Brown family know that they had despised Liberty and given up on her, and that it was their misfortune.

Let the Brown family regret it.

Audrey said, “Mrs. Lewis, let’s not talk about the wedding first, but you know the purpose of Liberty going to Jensburg, right? If Liberty takes over the responsibility of the Farrell Group and Farrell Family, Duncan will come to visit them. The daughter they will have in the future will have the surname Farrell. You know this, right? I wonder what you think. If I can’t accept Duncan coming to my house and my granddaughter not having the last name Lewis, I think…”

Mrs. Lewis quickly interrupted Audrey and said, “Mrs. Stone, don’t think about it. Don’t think about it. They can’t be separated. Duncan is willing to sacrifice his life for liberty. If you separate them, you will kill Duncan. Anyway, I have four sons. If one leaves, the other three are still with me. Besides, Duncan’s coming here doesn’t mean he doesn’t recognize me as his mother. He is still my son; he just lives in the Farrell family for a longer time.

Mr. Lewis also nodded repeatedly and said, “We respect the choices of the two children and the rules of the Farrell family. Mrs. Stone, you don’t have to worry about our objection.”

Most of Duncan’s company and business were in Wiltspoon. Liberty also had properties in Wiltspoon. Serenity and Audrey were also in Wiltspoon. Even if Liberty really becomes the head of the Farrell family, she will have to go back to Wiltspoon frequently. It’s not like they can’t see their son anymore just because he goes to Farrell’s house.

Therefore, the old couple had already enlightened themselves and come to terms with it, as long as Duncan and Liberty could be happy.

They also have quite a few grandchildren, and it’s okay if one of their granddaughters doesn’t have the surname Lewis; they can accept it.

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              Married at First Sight (Serenity and Zachary) novel read online free Chapter 3408 (2024)


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