The Wife Situation (Billionaire Situation, #1) (2024)

Dora Koutsoukou

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May 25, 2024

3,5 💘💘⭐️s❣️

It could have had about 100 pages less…
Regardless, a very enjoyable romance read which I liked a lot!

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April 24, 2024


It’s been a long, long, long time since I read anything that captured my attention and made me not want to put the book (uhm, kindle) down, but with this one? It’s near perfection and I got so lost in reading it that it took me 3 days of slow reading it so that it didn’t have to end and piles of laundry put on hold! Lol.

This is a SLOW read in terms of sexy times. They don’t get frisky until the 80% mark or so, but when it happens, let’s say it was worth it!

I liked everything about this story but especially for the fact that this is a relationship-driven type of romance instead of the typical ones where they fall into sex immediately and all there is between them is sex. So, if you like romances where you get to see the relationship develop and bond before the sex & love comes in, then this is the one for you. Is it perfect? For me it was. I couldn't find one thing that bothered me other then the frustration to get to the sexy times and for heroine to catch up with Hero's feelings. And also more of little Connor (H's baby brother). Sooo cute!😂 So if that is the only thing I have to gripe about, I'll take it....


This is Easton & Lexi’s story. Easton and his identical twin (Weston) work for the family business (something to do with Diamonds) and is a Billionaire. He is on the crux of becoming CEO and taking over for his Father but there is a stipulation that he has to be married in order to do so, otherwise the position will go to a non-family member who is a greedy SOB.

Lexi in turn is a struggling actress and has been working as a Housekeeper in a posh Hotel alongside her influencer BFF Carlee. It is in this instance that Lexi meets Easton when she & Carlee go to clean his room not realizing he has checked in and sees a watch that she thinks belongs to previous guest, so she takes it to return to lost & found - only to catch Easton in all his glory showering.

Easton, misinterpreting the situation, thinks that Lexi stole his watch so he gets her fired but soon regrets it and then they keep running into each other and begin their love story. For Easton, it was love at first sight and he fell hard and fast. For Lexi, it took some time for her to catch up even though as a reader you can tell she feels the same. The most aggravating part was her constantly denying her feelings for him but once she was in, it was pure gold! So have some patience if reading it!

Both MCs were hurt in the past. Easton’s family had an arrangement since he was a teen for him to marry a Princess. He said he fell for this OW but she cheated on him and didn’t seem to return his feelings and he was deeply hurt. It wasn’t mentioned, but I think she may have been his first for everything but we thankfully don’t get any details.

Lexi on the other hand had been in a long-term relationship with her HS BF but after he cheated the first time, they broke up for a short time and then she gave him a 2nd chance only to be hurt again when she found out he was carrying on with OW in a town near her and had gotten the OW pregnant. When she meets Easton, she is “anti-love” because she doesn’t trust that she won’t get hurt again and is resistant to falling for Easton. (One thing that bugged me in regards to Lexi, she said she tried to get pregnant in the past and couldn't. It was never explained if it was with the ex-BF or in-vitro because she wanted to be a Mom. If it was with the ex, I don't understand why she would want to become pregnant when she wasn't even married because according to the timeline, she dated OM in HS and in College. Wish author had expanded on that.)

This is marketed as a fake-marriage trope but in reality MCs don't get engaged or married until around 80% or so. By then, they are deep in love and committed so nothing fake about it. The "fakeness" comes of the fact that Hero asked heroine to marry him in the beginning to keep his role as CEO. They signed a contract, she moves in with him and then it is sort of forgotten until they actually fall in love and want to get married. Initially, Easton proposed a fake marriage to Lexi for a year so that he can meet the Board’s & his Father’s stipulation but he said from the start that he wouldn’t marry anyone unless it was for love.

The blurb BTW is misleading. Easton is NOT a Manho/Player. Before he met Lexi, he was looking for a wife to meet the board’s stipulation and dated a lot of women in the past few months with a 14-day rule where he tested them to see if they were compatible. The 14-day countdown, along with the date of his Birthday & company takeover as CEO plays in each chapter and is funny because Lexi knows about it and teases him about it.

Anyway, I could go on and on about this but this is basically a story of two people who had been hurt by others before, but come together and find what true love is about. And the little nugget at the end with Weston & Carlee? I didn’t see that coming! Lol.

So if you want a romance that has two MCs who are real with one another, are honest, supportive, best friends, lovers and partners in everything and has no miscommunication or drama in the form of OW/OM, then this is for you. Each chapter takes us along for the ride with their adventures and I for one wished it never ended. I wanted more to be honest with a look in the future which I hope we get to see in Weston’s story. He is paired with Carlee (Lexi’s BFF) but while I liked both characters individually and how supportive they were of the MCs, I’m not sure if I will be reading it or not because he is going through a divorce and both characters seem to sleep around with OP after they met which is disappointing because I really liked them though I confess, I thought author would match him up with Remi, heroine's other BFF.


No OW. OM (h’s ex comes briefly to the picture but she shuts it down)
No cheating or OP scenes
No miscommunication or separations
Hero not a Manho. He said he has only ever had 3 lovers in his 40+ years. He also never slept with any of the OW he dated when he was looking for a “wife”. Ditto for heroine. She said she only had 3 lovers and the sex with the OM was bad (aka, she never org*smed).
HEA – marriage & pregnant.

PS: There's a bonus epilogue (2 chapters) of a few weeks later that you have to subscribe but it was disappointing because it doesn't give a glimpse of the future or anything about their kid. A bonus epilogue IMO should be of the future - not a few days or weeks later when there is nothing new to add, so not worth it because it's basically a sex scene and hint of the new couple coming next which won't be until next year. Ugh!

“Everything about Easton Calloway screams professional on the streets, bad boy in the sheets. The man looks like a rock star with a V that points down to his package”

“Can we get married tomorrow?” she asks. “Just me and you. Our moment. No one else’s.”
“Are you serious?” I search her face, needing and wanting confirmation.
She nods. “Yes.”
I smile against her lips. “I’d burn the world down for you, Lexi.”
She grabs the lapel of my suit coat. “That’s what scares me the most.”
“With great power comes great responsibility.”
“We’re so f*cked.”


“Day fifteen,” I whisper, placing my arm under my head. “So, about that breakup text in the morning?”

Easton rolls over onto his side, “Would you like me to send one so you can have the full experience?”

“If you didn’t need this marriage, would your decision be different?”

“You’re not my last resort, Lexi. You’re my first choice. Someone I’d marry and not divorce a year later.”

I reach up and run my fingers through my hair. “It’s the confidence for me.”

“Sometimes, when you know, you f*cking know. I’m waiting for you to catch up.”

“I know.” I pull his mouth close to mine.

“I’ve already told you once that I’d wait a lifetime. I meant it.”

“Don’t break my heart,” he says, and it’s more of a demand than a plea.

I lightly paint my lips against his. “I don’t want to. But broken people break people. I know that,” I whisper.

“I’ll glue your heart together, piece by piece.”


“What’re you thinking about?” I ask, seeing him, knowing he’s tumbling in his head.

We might have started as a lie, but our reality changed before we were married.

“You. Us,” he says, leaning in, his voice low. “I don’t remember what life was like before you.”

“Based on your tiny moments, boring.” I smile, thinking about his drawings and how much they’ve changed since we’ve been together. “I agree though. I wasn’t living until you.”

He chuckles. “You’re the adventure I’d take a million times over.”

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Jen ♥

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June 7, 2024

4.5 ⭐

I think this is the most honest, open, and healthy relationship that I've read so far this year. Easton (39) and Lexi (29) might have met in a not so cute way, but it's adorable to see them grow from strangers to friends to lovers.

He falls out of attraction for someone after two weeks, while she doesn't believe in love (or thinks so) because of her cheating ex.

They tried to see if she'd pass his two-week timeline, and she assured him that she would never fall in love. He needed a wife to become CEO and meet the conditions of his grandfather's will. But of course, with forced proximity, mutual attraction, thick tension, and off-the-charts chemistry, readers know how this "dating" would end. 🤭

This falls into insta-love, and within 3 weeks, Easton knew she's it for him. Lexi is still hesitant about falling in love because she doesn't want to get hurt.

But communication is the BEST thing in this story. They talked all the time, and they never hid things from each other. Even with their most uncomfortable thoughts, they voiced them out, they reassured one another, and they promised to choose each other all the time. 🥹

There's no angst in this book; it was smooth sailing from the very start. Although there was a conflict that came almost at the end, these two faced that problem together. No external factors can break them apart, and it's just so sweet to see them together. 🩷

Gotta say, though, this was a freaking cheesefest. Sometimes their lines were too sweet and honestly made me cringed at times. 😅 The last 25% of the story kind of felt dragging since there's nothing much going on except for their domestic life and romance. Also, for a book promoted as MOC, these two only got married at the 77% mark.

But setting aside those personal issues, I still had fun with it. The love these two have for each other is just so swoony and dreamy. They really deserved each other, and I believe in their love story.

Book info:
- Strangers to lovers
- Forced proximity
- Billionaire romance
- No cheating, opd, breakup
- No V (Each has three body counts 🤭)
- HEA (married and pregnant)

PS: I'm so excited to read Weston and Carlee's story. It kind of made me curious about how two players would fall in love. 🤭 But I'm not a fan that he has an on-going divorce, so readers can expect drama from his witch wife.🤷‍♀️

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.

Samantha (bookgramsaga reviews)

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April 24, 2024


''I think I see our future in her eyes''

Safety warnings:
- H 38 / h 29
- No cheating
- No OW/OM drama





This one is a pretty insta-lust/love but with slow burn.

Easton and Lexi meet, and their first meeting does not go well at all as he accuses her of stealing his watch and has her fired from her job.

Eventually though his consciousness gets the better of him and he wants to fix his mistakes, so he offers to pay for her rent for a year and they end up meeting at random moments which eventually leads to him making a proposition.

You see, Easten must marry before he turns 40 (which is happening in over a month). He needs to marry in accordance with his grandfather’s request that it will be only way he becomes CEO.

These two both had a sh*t outlook on love, while Lexi was anti-love and Easten got bored after two weeks with anyone he dated, they were hopeless, and both saw this arrangement as a win-win for them.

There was not a lot of drama for the couple, and while they were only together for like 2-3 weeks they fell in love and got married.

You also would expect someone like Easton who is a billionaire and who seems to only be with women for two weeks to have a long list of women he has slept with, but he reveals it's only ever been with three. He was once in love with a girl who broke his heart when it turned out to be a ploy on her part so after that he closed himself off.

I was kind of waiting for her to show up at some point? To cause issues but it didn't happen and part of me is sad lol

I think because it lacked the drama I was hoping for the rating is only 3.5 stars for me. It's a cute read though and the ending makes the next book really interesting!

Weston (Easton's identical twin brother) helps them come together and protects them as much he can, but it was an ABSOLUTE SHOCK to me when we find out that Weston and Lexi's best friend had PLANNED THEIR FIRST MEETING. They have been playing matchmaker for months when they randomly met a while back and these two have a weekly meetup where they just talk and hang out. It's all a secret but he misses her when she is not around soooo this is going to be fun!

Their book is next!

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April 9, 2024

What in the billionaire hotness is THIS juicy little book, Lyra Parish? Hot-dayum woman! This one should come with a warning... a must-read and hotness warning.

Ok so in full disclosure, I've read a number of Lyra's books and have been a fan for a long time. I about lost my marbles over the book she published prior to this one, and then I cracked those Kindle pages for this one and she blew my mind yet again. I was 100% and totally riveted and obsessed from that first page. Lyra begins to introduce us to Lexi, the MFC, and the meet cute with Easton, the MMC, ohhh myyyy goodness! It's everything and a bag of million dollar bills.

Easton is a deliciously smart, sexy, reclusive, introverted, billionaire who's set to overtake his family business. The only problem? He can't take it over unless he gets married before his birthday... which is mere weeks away. Enter Lexi and his eventual proposal to help him save his family's company and all of its employees by marrying him for one year. In exchange? A few million bucks. Who wouldn't take that deal? Am-I-right-or-am-I-right?!

Sure, sure, we've heard similar tropes: billionaire, fake marriage... yada yada. But!! You haven't read one like this. This one's got that super special Lyra Parish sauce all over it and it is yuuuummy! I couldn't put this book down as Lyra peels back the layers of who Easton and Lexi are as well as their backgrounds, trials, tribulations and wins. Yet the most beautiful part of this story is their HEA. Cue the swooning, because *swoon* it's so damn good! It's satisfying, it's sweet, it's oh-so smexy. These two characters, the world Lyra's crafted, as well as the supporting characters are smart, witty, entertaining, and beautiful. The story is heartfelt, compelling, deep, sensual, funny, and leaves you all hot, bothered, and tingly at times. All the best feelings, right?

IMHO, because you didn't ask, Lyra's really hitting her writing stride. This book emanates joy and playfulness and it's as if Lyra's passion for these characters and their world literally jumps off the page at you. So buckle up and dive in, you're about to go on one hell of a ride!

Jeeves Reads Romance

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May 6, 2024

Light and swoony

Swoony and spicy, this was softer and sweeter than I expected in the best of ways. While our hero may seem like the typical demanding billionaire, he ended up being anything but. He falls hard and fast for his girl, and I loved how this spun the marriage of convenience trope in a whole other direction. It kept me on my toes, and the lighthearted vibes paired with the slow burn to sizzle kept me turning the pages. It was the perfect introduction to this sort of new-to-me author (she used to be one half of Kennedy Fox!), and it’s got me excited to check out the rest of the series. Exactly the kind of low angst/high feels romance I was in the mood for.

The story follows Lexi, a struggling actress who is working at a hotel to pay the bills. When a mixup causes her to accidentally “steal” from one of the wealthiest men in the city, Lexi assumes getting fired will be the end of it. But, while Easton may have a reputation for being a jerk, he shows a softer side of himself after a series of run-ins. And when he reveals that he’s in need of a wife within the next few weeks, it’s a shock to the system. What starts as a relationship of convenience soon spirals into something completely different, and it’s not long before these two are in over their heads.

I wasn’t sure what to expect going into this, but the blurb sounded so fun. I’ve read a couple of Kennedy Fox’s books, and I’m happy to report that I thought this was better. It’s lighter and lower angst than I anticipated, but that was okay with me - I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, but it really was pretty low drama. And Easton was just the most smitten man in the world. While he was grumbly at times, it was easy to see that he’d fallen right away. Lexi is more resistant to falling because of her past, which made for an interesting dynamic. I love a man who is determined to get his girl, and Easton was so steady. These two fight their feelings right away, but it was a slowish physical burn. It got pretty spicy in the back half, and that worked for the vibes. It could’ve been a little shorter and I wasn’t sold on one development at the end, but those are really my only complaints. It certainly satisfied my light and easy romance cravings, and I’ll definitely be back for more from the author.



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Shelved as 'did-not-finish'

June 8, 2024

DNF at 11%.

Sadly, this book isn't working for me. I don't understand the setup. Too much instalove/lust.



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April 25, 2024

this was such a cute, fluffy, cheesy read 🥰

“It’s never been like this with anyone,” she admits.
“How many times do I have to tell you that I’m not anyone?” I say, spinning us around. “I think I was made for you.”

💍 billionaire
💍 age gap (29/39)
💍 he falls first & harder
💍 marriage of convenience
💍 fake (????) dating

Lexi and Easton meet when she’s at work and he thinks he’s trying to steal his watch. he gets her fired but then feels bad and conveniently they continue to run into one another.
Easton needs a wife before his 40th birthday if he wishes to take over his father’s role in their family company. he’s known as a serial dater (but he’s not a whor* 😮‍💨) because every woman he dates can barely hold his attention for 14 days before they’re given the boot. Lexi is anti-love. she tried it once and it all blew up in her face so she’s decided love is not meant for her. she’s also a serial dater but none of the men make it past the first date.

Lexi is the first person who doesn’t immediately fall at Easton’s feet and that intrigues him. they get to know one another and he decides she is the one to help him with his situation even if it’s going against his promise to himself to only marry for love.
they start their “fake” relationship that’s not really fake. they give up on trying to keep everything fake real quick. she passes all his tests, they both realize they feel more for the other, he’s all in and she’s trying to hold her feelings back but ultimately isn’t able to.

very insta-love despite being “fake” nothing is fake. they fall in love within two weeks and tell each other that. they don’t get “fake” engaged or married either. it’s all very sweet and i loved Easton so much 🥺🥺 honestly both of them were great. i liked that they were always honest with each other.
i think it worked for me despite being insta-love (something that usually irks me) because they spent every day of the two-ish week together. she moves in almost immediately and he takes her on a two week trip where they get to know one another better.

the only things that I didn’t like with this story is how Weston had to be the one to get the ball rolling and we learn in the epilogue that he and Lexi’s bff set literally everything up. every. single. encounter. i don’t like that tbh. and the next book will be about them two?? but he’s recently divorced, knows he wants Carlee but is still going on other dates….. i will be skipping !
i also didn’t like the twin test, idk it always gives me an ick.

i hate that after getting involved with Easton she kinda just.. gave up on acting? decided to write a screen play, fine but she worked on it like once. she was just at Easton’s beck & call. and i usually love a HEA w/ a baby on the way but not here

Lexi kinda annoyed me bc she literally told Easton she’s in love with him but thinks “it’s all fake” the next morning…. girl 🤦🏽‍♀️

the weird drama at the end too where everyone thinks they’re DEAD??? and there’s missing persons flyers out??? like why did everyone jump to that conclusion lol


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April 14, 2024

When Alexis “Lexi” Matthews gets fired because a man named Easton Calloway thinks she stole from him, she is furious. She needed that job so imagine when Mr. “Trouble” keeps popping up where she is and then asks her for a favor…be his wife. The gall of him!! She needs a job though and he needs to be betrothed before his fortieth birthday. One rule: don’t fall in love! Can they put their differences aside and make this little wager work? I loved how he tried to Woo her and talks himself out of not really having the feels at the same time. What a fun and feel good, slow burn romance between two very opposite people who just work well together. I really enjoyed their bud up from friends to something more. All The feels! Told in first person and dual POV

    cute feel-good-romance mf


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April 24, 2024

Get it here:
Amazon US * Amazon UK



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April 14, 2024

This book is fantastic and a 10 out of 5 stars! I’ve been in a reading slump for a few days and this book was exactly what I needed - great writing, fun characters with a story that grabbed my attention immediately and had me addicted to the end. When the bonus chapter link didn’t work I was a little obsessive on clicking it because I still need more of the goodness that is Easton and Lexi.

Lexi is working in housekeeping at a luxury hotel when she encounters Easton. He’s an obnoxious billionaire who is super obsessive about his privacy. She ends up fired and he feels some guilt which is atypical for him.

I loved the fun filled adventures these two have, their spontaneous bucket list moments that range from super simple to luxury life and everywhere in between.

Loved this book SO much!

I received a free ARC from the author; and I am voluntarily leaving an unbiased review.

Katja ♡

104 reviews

April 27, 2024

I enjoyed reading this book very much! It was my first book by Lyra Parish, but certainly not my last!

Her writing style reads so easily, the main characters were super fun to read about, age gap, grumpiness and him being a billionaire all included! Between the aweing and swooning, the slow burn and spice, I had a lot of fun reading this story. Definitely recommend it!


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April 21, 2024

made me cringe a lot

Lakshmi Praveen

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April 16, 2024

Eeek!!! Damm this one is soo fracking cute. I'm squealing here as I write this review. This billionaire romance was so stinking cute and sweet I'm swooning. I don't think I will stop. Easton our grumpy, recluse billionaire meets spunky Lexi albeit in some unusual circ*mstances and then boom. What transpires is a thing of beauty. Can we just stop n appreciate the effortless writing here coz i just didn't want this story to end. Ok back to the story, marriage of convenience is proposed by Easton so that he can hold onto his family's company which he has dedicated his 20 yrs to the company. Oh and he needs Lexi's help. And what comes about with this deal is perfection. I'm in love with this couple and you will too. They are so swoony and cute and sweet and fit so perfectly. Also it's so fresh that the MMC and FMC are just so secure on their own and together.... fireworks!
Don't miss out on this magnificent book!


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April 26, 2024

„Today, I met the woman I’d eat a poisoned apple for. Thank f*ck I won’t ever have to see her again.“

I enjoyed this one, especially the first half/two-thirds. After that it got a little bit boring because of (too) many sex scenes and too little excitement (read: drama). Easton and Alexis are likable MCs and they fall for each other very easily, even though Alexis claims she’s anti-love after her ex cheated on her. It’s obvious that she is totally in love with Easton – as he is with her.

The epilogue added some spice to the book and I’m looking very much forward to reading Weston’s story. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait almost a year for the book to be published (expected publication: April 10, 2025).

Overall rating: 4
Story: 4/5
MMC: 4/5
MFC: 4/5


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April 21, 2024

I’m kind of trapped in a cycle of just-ok-for-me books.

This is the story of Lexi, who’s anti love after her ex cheated on her, and Easton, a billionaire who needs to marry before 40 to take control of his company but can’t seem to find love.

I don’t know if it was just me, but I didn’t always click with the characters. Like it was very light and flirty but then it’d be like ok but this could be real, but then they’d back off and say it’s just for a year and it’s a marriage of convenience. It also had a touch of not like other girls a few times that I wasn’t sure if it was poking fun at it or true.

Not too much happens overall. It’s a fairly low angst read, with fairly likable characters otherwise.

I was a bit nervous when they said Easton is a serial dater and never keeps anyone past 14 days. But he later reveals he’s only slept with three women, and likes to have a connection. (Apparently he’d been in love once years ago but it was a setup by his parents and he’s very wary after that. And Lexi never got past a first date after her ex knocked up another woman.)

Overall, it wasn’t my favorite but I can see how others would enjoy it!

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.

Megan L Harnett

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April 29, 2024

This book was just what I needed! It was fun, flirty, spicy and sweet. I absolutely loved the chemistry between Easton and Lexi! I loved how two people that were against love found each other. And the little twist at the end was icing on the cake! So much fun!

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May 13, 2024


Donna McEachran

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May 14, 2024

Fast becoming one of my favourite authors. I love Easton and Lexi and can't wait to read about Weston... and, hopefully, Billie!!


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May 14, 2024

Lyra has some kind of magic in her words. I swear!! It doesn't matter what I have read of hers, but I always get sucked in and enamored.

This book was no different. I immediately fell in love with Easton and Lexi. Their personalities couldn't have been more opposite but more complimentary towards each other. I absolutely loved their banter, it fit their personalities so well. I laughed throughout the book at how their personalities shown throughout their banter.

While laughing is a good time, I also loved the moments when there was the vulnerability between Easton and Lexi. I look forward to the moments when they are able to build upon their relationship. Let's just say that there are some amazing moments between our characters that you don't want to miss.

Easton and Lexi each give each other moments that they each need in the times that they need them the most when they least expect them. It only made me swoon even harder for these two.

Let's talk about spice, baby 🌶️🌶️🌶️

I would give this one 2🌶️ 🌶️
There is some spice in these pages! But there is more story than spice. But don't get it twisted, there is some great spice. Lyra does an amazing job of giving you an amazing story but making sure that you get some great spice to go with it. If you don't like spice, then this isn't the book for you. You will want to skip those parts.

I received a complimentary copy via the author. All opinions are my own, honest and voluntary.

Valeen Robertson (Live Thru Books Blog)

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April 24, 2024

The Wife Situation (Billionaire Situation, #1) (22)

The Wife Situation (Billionaire Situation, #1) (23)


The Wife Situation (Billionaire Situation, #1) (24)

When Lexi's fired because this jerk won't listen to her explanation, the last thing she wants or expects, is for him to start inserting himself into her life. Then has the nerve to ask her to become his fake wife! She's not having it, but...he's offering a lot of money that she could really use, especially now that she's unemployed. All they have to do is pretend to be in love, and make sure they don't actually fall in love. Easy, right?

The Wife Situation (Billionaire Situation, #1) (25)

Easton is a grumpy, business-focused billionaire who always said he would only marry if he fell in love. But when his grandfather's will dictates he marry before his 40th birthday or he can't be the CEO of his family company, he has to go looking for a fake wife. It couldn't be anyone but the woman he got fired, and hasn't been able to stop thinking about since. But as they dive into their arrangement, he's finding his feelings developing rapidly. he can't possibly be falling in love with a woman who isn't down with love, can he?

The Wife Situation (Billionaire Situation, #1) (26)

Easton and Lexi couldn't have been more opposite, but they were perfect for each other. The grumpy, stoic billionaire fell first and fell so hard, that Lexi simply had to do the same. I adore these two and the way they fell in love.

The Wife Situation (Billionaire Situation, #1) (27)

ARC provided by The Author Agency for an honest review.

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Heather Carter

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April 16, 2024

I am obsessed with this bookI I was so excited to get an ARC from Lyra Parish! I was literally hooked from the first page. Lyra Parish knows how to write books that will have you engaged in the story, have you smiling and laughing out load and swooning over the MMC. I did all of these things while reading this book!

Series: Book 1 of the Billionaire Situation Series
Genre: Billionaire romance

Plot 5/5:
The Meet Cute:
Billionaire Easton Calloway gets Lexi fired because he thinks she stole his watch. He feels guilty which is a new feeling for him and suggests she become his temporary wife. It's a win for him because he fulfills his grandfather's contract of needing a wife before his 40th birthday which is just weeks away and she get's a place to live, spending money, and millions when they divorce in a year. Easton needs a wife in order to become the CEO of his family's diamond business.

Characters 10/5:
The Hero: Easton Calloway is a grumpy sexy billionaire. Even though Easton has a reputation for being grumpy and standoffish, he is really a sweet man who would give the one he loves the world. He falls first and he falls HARD for Lexi. After reading this book, please read Lyra's author note in the back about Easton. He checks all the boxes of a book boyfriend: tattoos, will do anything for his girl, good communicator, and the list goes on and on.

The Heroine: Lexi Matthews left Texas and lives in a tiny apartment in New York with her best friend Carlee. She is working as a house cleaner at fancy hotel when she makes her disaster of a first impression on Easton. Lexi is anti-love and as her former relationship is revealed, you get an understanding of why. What I loved is that she embraced her fears and feelings and didn't push Easton away, although he wouldn't have let her. Lexi is a great female character. She was relatable, challenged Easton, and was trying to live life and say yes to experiences and moments.

Easton and Lexi are so perfect for each other! They have great communication, see each other for who they are and really bring out the best in each other. They have great banter and their connection is felt through the pages. Lyra really developed these characters and showed their layers, emotions and feelings. Easton was patient with Lexi and waited for her feelings to catch up to where his already were. I love how confident he was in his feelings, in Lexi and their relationship! Easton is a top tier book husband! I love how they kept saying "I choose you!" I love that although he had billions of dollars, they wanted to build a life together that was full of experiences and bucket list items.

The side characters are amazing as well and I am excited to read book 2! I hope we continue to get a glimpse of Easton and Lexi and see what the future looks like for them.

This book is a must read! It will be available on April 18th for purchase and on Kindle Unlimited.


184 reviews2 followers

April 16, 2024

First let me start by saying though this is an age gap, it’s not super noticeable with the characters. Lexi makes a couple of comments about his age, but other than that it wasn’t a big plot point. So if you’re someone who isn’t usually a fan of age gap (I’m not usually a fan) still give it a try. That being said this is my absolute favorite book that I have read by Lyra. All of the characters are fantastic and I’m cursing her name for making us wait a year to get our hands on Carlee and Weston’s story. Though it was nice to go back to Valentine for bit, and a teaser for Remi and Cash (which despite it being an age gap I’ll have to read it).

Easton falls extremely hard and fast for Lexi. I love how all his chapters have how long he has known, her as well the story behind it. Easton is willing to do pretty much anything for Lexi including being late. The way he calls her darling from pretty much the beginning is just so precious. And if you live for a my wife moment like I do, this is great book for you.

Lexi is anti-love at the start of the book, and she has very valid reasons for it. She is pretty honest about it, but of course Easton makes it impossible for her to stay that way. She may have needed a bit of help to determine what love really felt like, but she got there eventually. Once realized what was happening she did embraced it.

I really loved how much time was spent on Easton and Lexi developing their relationship. We got to learn little bits and pieces along the way, it just felt really organic. Easton had no problem showing Lexi how he felt, and the ways she was different from all the women he had previously dated. The way Easton tried to fulfill Lexi’s bucket list items was perfection. He also didn’t shy away from her brothers and that whole scene was great, especially since we got to enjoy a glimpse into some of the Valentine men.

Honestly I just really loved this book a lot. The characters were great (leaving me wanting that second book desperately), the story flowed nicely, and there wasn’t a 3rd act breakup. I just really loved this book, I was never bored and I didn’t want it to end. It’s definitely in contention for my top read of the year.

I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of this book, all opinions are my own.


90 reviews11 followers

April 24, 2024

✨ New Review ✨

⭐: 10 out of 5 (IYKYK) (but for real, it's a 5⭐ for me)
🌶️: 4
Feels: 🥹😂
Warnings: 🚩Tatted, neurospicy MMC with a silvertongue that will steal your heart

💍 Fake marriage
💎 Neurospicy rep
💍 Twins twinning
💎 Anti-love FMC
💍No third act breakup
💎 Forehead kisses
💍 Bucket lists
💎 Sexy cars

"Love is always on time."

So, fake marriage/dating is by far my favourite trope and this whole story revolves around Easton's inheritance being tied behind a marriage requirement set by his grandfather. Some drama throws our two MCs together and of course the solution to their problems is a fake marriage that quickly becomes real!

I fell in love with Our MMC, Easton. He brings all of the neurospicy reliability as he is a reserved introvert with all the childhood trauma that can come from parents that don't understand why your brain works a little differently.

I always love to see strong, supportive female relationships in books, and Lyra doesn't disappoint.

Easton has an identical twin brother who adores to mess with his brother by dressing the same as Easton. The twinning is cute, but causes trouble when there are mistaken identities!

MMC has a mouth that will make you swoon and melt, he delivers absolute scorching lines one moment and the next the sweetest sentiments.

"I’m not reckless, but I’m willingly risking it all for a chance with this woman."

I also loved the cast of side characters, and I kind of need Brody to get his own book, something about him really drew me in.

A millennial billionaire MMC making emo references made me realise that there are scene kids becoming CEO's. I feel old....

This has a couple of twists even I didn't see coming! I love when I can't guess what's coming. Being neurospicy myself, my pattern recognition is top notch so I see twists coming a mile out.

This book had some kinda magic in it I swear, it just drew me in and kept me captive.

QOTD: our MCs travelled to so many places, the imagery was stunning. Can you guess where they went by my reel?

"Neither of us is wrapped around the other’s finger; we’re handcuffed together, and there is no key."



197 reviews1 follower

April 16, 2024

What in the billionaire hotness is THIS juicy little book, Lyra Parish? Hot-dayum woman! This one should come with a warning... a must-read and hotness warning.

Ok so in full disclosure, I've read a number of Lyra's books and have been a fan for a long time. I about lost my marbles over the book she published prior to this one, and then I cracked those Kindle pages for this one and she blew my mind yet again. I was 100% and totally riveted and obsessed from that first page. Lyra begins to introduce us to Lexi, the MFC, and the meet cute with Easton, the MMC, ohhh myyyy goodness! It's everything and a bag of million dollar bills.

Easton is a deliciously smart, sexy, reclusive, introverted, billionaire who's set to overtake his family business. The only problem? He can't take it over unless he gets married before his birthday... which is mere weeks away. Enter Lexi and his eventual proposal to help him save his family's company and all of its employees by marrying him for one year. In exchange? A few million bucks. Who wouldn't take that deal? Am-I-right-or-am-I-right?!

Sure, sure, we've heard similar tropes: billionaire, fake marriage... yada yada. But!! You haven't read one like this. This one's got that super special Lyra Parish sauce all over it and it is yuuuummy! I couldn't put this book down as Lyra peels back the layers of who Easton and Lexi are as well as their backgrounds, trials, tribulations and wins. Yet the most beautiful part of this story is their HEA. Cue the swooning, because *swoon* it's so damn good! It's satisfying, it's sweet, it's oh-so smexy. These two characters, the world Lyra's crafted, as well as the supporting characters are smart, witty, entertaining, and beautiful. The story is heartfelt, compelling, deep, sensual, funny, and leaves you all hot, bothered, and tingly at times. All the best feelings, right?

IMHO, because you didn't ask, Lyra's really hitting her writing stride. This book emanates joy and playfulness and it's as if Lyra's passion for these characters and their world literally jumps off the page at you. So buckle up and dive in, you're about to go on one hell of a ride!

Trish- Late Knight Luna Reads

1,725 reviews10 followers

April 17, 2024

Oh boy, Easton Calloway is giving all the good vibes and green flags. “The Wife Situation” is a flirty, swoony, and banter filled billionaire romance that I devoured in just a few hours because Easton and Lexi were everything.

Easton Calloway is turning 40 soon and he needs a wife. His late grandfather had the strict terms of being married to be able to take over as CEO. His twin brother, Weston, comes up with the perfect situation. Find a woman, marry her for a year so he can become CEO. Lexi Matthews is now out of a job thanks to Easton and despite his very grumpy exterior, she sees something in him. While this idea seems crazy to her, it’s a guaranteed paycheck and lifestyle that will help her move things along in her career. She’s also anti-love so this is the perfect job for her. However, as the two spend time together, it’s clear that there is something simmering underneath.

From the first chapter, I was 100% hooked on Easton and Lexi’s story. I was smiling from the start and could not stop reading because I never wanted to leave their world. Lexi was an instant like for me, she’s genuine and her energy was so just so infectious. She never backed down from the grumpy/german retriever vibes Easton gave off and matched him in all elements. Easton had me swooning so much, I’m glad I was sitting while I was reading. His grumpy wall was just a facade for the romantic he was underneath. He paid attention and made sure that Lexi knew he truly cared for her. I love when the guy falls first and patiently waits and woos the girl at the same time. Lexi lasted a lot longer than me because I would have stumbled right over that first swoony moment. They had hilarious banter that just made them even better. I loved Easton’s twin brother, Weston, and I can’t wait to read his book. The last few chapters captured my heart and just wrapped up everything perfectly.

Lisa Hemming

875 reviews12 followers

April 24, 2024

Lexi and Easton are a sexy and dynamic couple who showed us that opposites do attract in the most emotional and passionate way! The witty banter between them, once they got over their disastrous meet cute, was infectious, romantic and the perfect way to fall in love. Lexi has dreams of becoming a star on Broadway and is one of the hardest working young women in New York City. Her vibrant personality and zest for life was just what bossy and broody Easton needed to light up his life and forget about business for a while. Lexi wasn’t prepared for Easton’s mesmerizing good looks, his abundance of wealth, or his demanding personality. She found it hard to ignore anything about him and was quickly under the spell of this serious and captivating billionaire. His tattoos drove her crazy, his love for drawing surprised her and she soon realized that she enjoyed having him in her life. He treated her like a delicate flower but also let her be her own person and always listened to what she had to say. Easton was her dream man who still seemed out of reach even though he was right beside her. Lexi was concerned he would tire of her and cast her away as he always did with his girlfriends. Easton thought he had an end goal to their relationship but as they grew closer, he knew he would move heaven and earth to make Lexi happy and that he couldn’t live without her. “The Wife Situation” is one of the most enjoyable and delightful books I have ever read because it made me smile, introduced me to unforgettable characters and let me escape, which is all we could ever ask for!


226 reviews68 followers

April 21, 2024

“In a crowded room, the only person I’m looking at is you. You’re the last thing on my mind when I close my eyes at night and the first person I think about when I wake up in the morning”. - Easton Calloway

Absolutely loved Easton and Lexi!!
“Ten out of five! IYKYK
I think this might be my favourite Lyra Parish book.

The way these two meet…. Let’s just say they don’t hit it off straight away even if they do both feel a connection.

Easton Calloway is the introvert billionaire that needs to get married before his 40th Birthday in order to take over his family business.

Lexi is the southern sweetheart who after a bad meeting with “Mr Calloway” ends up getting fired from her cleaning job at a top hotel.

It’s not long before Easton makes her an offer she can’t refuse. Fake marry him for a year so he can inherit the family business.

I love the banter between these two and how much Easton comes out of his hard grumpy shell around Lexi. The growth they go through together was so good. Their ending was perfect and I can’t wait for Weston’s book.

Cams Roberts

652 reviews6 followers

April 23, 2024

Don’t mind me, I’m just standing here swooning over this couple and how perfect they were together.
Aah, Easton and Lexi have my heart. The banter between them was so funny and I am in love…with both of them. Lexi is such a strong, sassy FMC who believes in anti-love and doesn’t know her worth. Easton, a billionaire, because of course he is🥰🥰 falls so hard and fast for Lexi and I was living for it. Their meet-cute was hilarious with neither giving an inch. Sometimes you’re in the mood for a book that gives you all the feels without all the angst and heartache, and that is THIS book right here.
I have been loving Lyra Parish’s solo journey, and if you’re a fan you’ll catch all the little glimpses into past books. Obviously Valentine, but the fact that Carlee comes from Merryville…that would be my go-to fictional place to live. As for that last chapter, a nice little twist I didn’t see coming.

Thank you to Lyra and her team for the arc. It was a pleasure to read.

    kindle-unlimited read-2024 read-arc

Rachel Pickle

37 reviews2 followers


April 17, 2024

If you like a powerful man who is in tough spot and needs a wife; sooner the better than Lyra Parish’s The Wife Situation is the book for you!
Easton is our male main character, turning the big 4-0 and due to his late grandfather he MUST be married by the time he turns forty to take over the position as CEO of his family’s business. Easton comes off as your typical billionaire who is inflexible, lots of broodiness, but turns out that is just for the business world!

Lexi is our main female character, she is definitely your typical “free spirit” and in despite need a job as she was recently fired no thanks to anyone but Easton!
Thanks to Easton’s twin brother, Weston- Easton asks Lexi to fake marry him so he can become CEO. Even though Lexi is incredibly surprised she accepts the offer.

Easton and Lexi lit the pages on fire! There was lots of flirty banter, their “marriage” really starts to change each of them for the better! I really enjoyed getting to know Easton and Lexi and seeing their relationship change and grow!

Ms. Parish has another 5 star read on her hands!

The Wife Situation (Billionaire Situation, #1) (2024)


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